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Energy Saving Lamps and Lighting

There are great cost advantages to upgrading existing lamps and fittings and recommendations for the most common lamp replacements are given below, with typical expected savings.


Existing Lamp Type


Replacement Lamp Type




Compact Fluorescent CFL 2x18W - 2x26W TCD/T

LED 18w, 27w, 41w. Other wattages available.


45% energy saving. Up to 10 times the lamp life.

Mains Voltage Halogen Dichroic Reflector 50W



7W GU10 LED.                                                    



80% energy saving. Seven times the lamp life. Also available in MR16.

T8 (26mm) fluorescent tubes

T5 (16mm) Eco high efficiency fluorescent tube.

Between 30% and 50% energy saving. A conversion kit is required which includes the new electronic control gear. Further energy savings can be made by using dimmable "motion sense" control gear.

16w, 28w, 32w 2D Compact Fluorescent


7w, 13w, 19w LED Retrofit 2D

45% - 95% energy saving. Up to 10 times the lamp life. Also available with a Microwave detector and Dimming facility, saving even more energy.

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