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GSL Energy Management


Lighting controls can cut costs - dramatically

Lighting can account for up to three quarters of an industrial or commercial building's electricity costs. With electricity usually making up most of a typical building's energy bill, the potential to cut costs dramatically is clear.

GSL can provide automatic controls to enable lights to dim or brighten, and switch on and off, by monitoring the presence of occupants and by measuring the amount of natural light available.

GSL will carry out a free survey of a building, study the patterns of usage and occupancy and then recommend the most suitable lighting management system controls. As part of the survey, the most likely payback period will be determined. This is the period of time it will take for the system to pay for itself thanks to the resulting energy cost savings achieved. A typical payback period for an office building can be just two years.

For more details on energy management or to arrange a survey, please contact us at info@gslighting.co.uk  or by Telephone 0330 822 0260